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Unlock the Potential of Zap-in: Effortless Pool Allocation with Overnight Tokens

The Overnight platform's 'Zap in' feature offers users an intuitive and seamless method to invest in a variety of pools in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. Zap-ins act as an easy on-ramp for users to allocate their assets into different pools, streamlining the investment process and saving time and effort.

What is Zap in feature? Zap-ins on Overnight are powered by smart contracts that let's you create liquidity pool tokens and deposit it directly to the partner protocol gauges with just one transaction. They eliminate the need for users to manually interact with multiple protocols and perform complex transactions. This feature enables users to invest in pools with just a few simple steps, making it more accessible for both novice and experienced investors

How to Zap in

  1. Access Zaps: Visit the Pools page on the Overnight dapp. Here, you'll find a curated list of pools with their featured status and Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and Total Value Locked (TVL) for yield comparison.

  2. Choose a Zappable Pool: Browse the list of pools and select a Zappable pool that interests you. To narrow down your options, use the chain filter settings to view pools from specific chains. Click on the "Zap In" button next to the pool's line to initiate the Zapping process.

  3. Select the Token to Stake: Choose up to six tokens you want to stake into the pool from your wallet or connected accounts. Specify the amount you wish to invest in the chosen pool.

  4. Slippage Tolerance: Set the slippage tolerance to control price deviations during the transaction. Slippage depends on the pool's volatility; stable pools may require less slippage, while less stable pools may need more to ensure a higher likelihood of a successful transaction.

Congratulations! You've successfully used the Zap-in feature to join pools with Overnight tokens. This innovative feature in the field of farming enables you to easily join any pool in just one click, granting you access to attractive yield opportunities in a quick and user-friendly manner.

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