Unleash the Power of Swap: Seamless Asset Exchange within Overnight ecosystem

Swap, an integral feature of the Overnight platform, streamlines the process of converting various assets into Overnight tokens with ease and efficiency. With integration powered by Odos, a trusted protocol for decentralized asset trading, Swap offers users the convenience to seamlessly swap other tokens into Overnight tokens, maximizing their yield generation potential.

Benefits of Swap on Overnight

Convenience: Swap eliminates the need for intermediaries and centralized exchanges. Within the Overnight ecosystem, you can effortlessly exchange your assets into Overnight tokens, saving time and effort.

Lower Fees: Swap offers competitive and transparent transaction fees, often lower than those associated with traditional exchanges. This ensures that you retain a higher portion of your assets during the exchange process. The default setting of our swaps are set to the lowest slippage it can be so there will be no surprises when you are swapping stablecoin to stablecoin and the like.

Security and Privacy: Swap leverages blockchain technology, ensuring secure and private asset swaps. With decentralized exchanges, you have full control over your assets, reducing the risks associated with centralized platforms.

Improved Liquidity: By participating in Swap, you contribute to the liquidity, enhancing the overall liquidity of the ecosystem. This increased liquidity enables better trading opportunities and minimizes slippage.

Efficient Asset Management: Swap allows you to rebalance your portfolio or switch between assets swiftly. Whether you're diversifying your holdings or adjusting your strategies, Swap offers a seamless solution.

Available Swap Options on Overnight:

  • To Overnight Tokens: You can swap any available assets to Overnight tokens (USD+, DAI+, USDT+).

  • From Overnight Tokens: You can swap any of the Overnight tokens to other supported assets.

How to Use Swap on Overnight

  1. Accessing Swap: Visit the Swap page on the Overnight platform.

  2. Asset Selection: Select up to 6 assets for swap from the available options. You can choose from a wide range of supported tokens and stablecoins.

  3. Asset Input: Enter the amount of the asset you want to exchange in the "From" field. The platform will display the approximate amount of the desired asset you will receive in the "To" field, based on the current exchange rate.

  4. Slippage Tolerance: Set a slippage tolerance to control the acceptable deviation in price during the swap. Slippage is the difference between the expected and executed prices. You have the option to modify the slippage tolerance to your preference, providing greater control over price deviations during the transaction. Recommended slippage tolerance values are: 0.05% for stablecoins, 0.1% for mix of stablecoins and volatile assets, and 1% for volatile assets.

  5. Transaction Execution: Click the "Swap" button to execute the transaction. Confirm the transaction on your connected wallet, following the prompts provided.

Integration with Odos

Swap on Overnight is powered by Odos, a decentralized asset trading protocol. Odos enables fast and secure peer-to-peer trading, ensuring efficient asset exchange on the Overnight platform. Learn more about Odos and its contribution to decentralized asset trading.

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