Introducing Swipe: Unlock Earning Potential of your stablecoins within the Overnight Ecosystem.

Swipe, a user-friendly feature of the Overnight platform, is designed to revitalize your dormant assets and transform them into earning potential. With a single click, Swipe simplifies the process of investing your stablecoins into Overnight's rebase token, USD+. This seamless integration empowers users to maximize their yield generation potential, ensuring that their assets don't sleep but earn actively, instead of merely holding a variety of stablecoins in their connected wallet.

Why Swipe on Overnight

1. Awakening Dormant Assets: Swipe breathes new life into your assets that would otherwise sit idle in your connected wallet. It's a proactive approach to asset management, ensuring your stablecoins are put to work.

2. Easy-to-Use Investment: With just one click, you can allocate your stablecoins towards USD+, making it easier than ever to grow your asset. Say goodbye to the complexity of managing multiple tokens individually. Swipe offers a convenient solution for consolidating your assets into USD+ for optimal yield generation.

3. Higher Yield Potential: USD+ is designed for yield generation through rebase (https://docs.overnight.fi/core-concept/overnight-assets/usd+), ensuring that your assets work harder for you within the Overnight ecosystem.

How to Use Swipe on Overnight

1. Accessing Swipe: Start by entering the Overnight dApp

at the top right corner connect your wallet (1) and Click on the Swipe in the Navbar menu (2).

2. Token Selection: After your wallet is connected, Swipe will calculate and display a comprehensive list of the stablecoins you currently hold within your connected wallet, it is shown in the left widget as well as in the tab on the right. The right block also provides insights into the profit you could have earned if you had invested your stablecoins into USD+ 1, 3 or 6 months ago.

Token Selection

3. One-Click Investment: Simply click the "Swipe" button. Your selected stablecoins will be seamlessly converted into USD+ and credited to your connected wallet automatically.

4. Effortless Yield Generation: To track how your assets are performing, head to the "My Dashboard" section in the Navbar menu. Witness your assets actively growing within USD+, maximizing their earning potential within the Overnight ecosystem.

Experience the power of Swipe within the Overnight ecosystem and watch your assets earn instead of remaining dormant.

For further details or assistance, reach out to our support team.

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