#in development
The goal of OVN governance is to clarify and minimize risks for OVN holders. This is achieved through a combination of (1) information disclosure and (2) governance


OVN is already disclosing the following:
  • source-code of core smart-contracts, including vault, investment strategy, mark-to-market, etc (Github)
  • online asset positions in the vault (ovnstable.io and onchain)
  • mark2market of the vault positions (ovnstable.io)
  • each transaction (ovnstable.io and onchain)
  • daily P&L (ovnstable.io)
Our intention is, over time, to achieve the level of disclosure matching or exceeding that of the US Money market funds.


As market conditions change and new opportunities emerge OVN will have to evolve too.
The evolution could affect the following areas:
  • Investment strategy
  • New protocols and reward campaigns
  • Fee structure modifications
  • Fee redistribution
  • OVN's expansion and linkage to other Level 2 chains and Polkadot
The evolution of OVN would involve modification to a key component of the OVN protocol which might involve a change to OVN's risk profile. Hence, all modifications to the OVN protocol will be made public and put up for voting among OVNg holders. All voted modifications would take place not earlier than 1 week following the voting results to provide ample time for those who disagree to exit or redeem their OVNs.