Dive into Overnight Pools: Select at a Quick Look

Pools on the Overnight platform provide users with opportunities to participate in liquidity pools and earn yields by depositing their assets. This user guide will navigate you through the pools page's features and functionalities, enabling you to effortlessly identify and select the perfect pool for staking, ensuring a seamless experience.

What are Pools?

Liquidity Pools: Pools are decentralized liquidity pools that allow users to deposit their assets, such as cryptocurrencies or stablecoins, into a pool. Commonly pools facilitate various DeFi activities, such as lending, borrowing, and yield farming. Liquidity pools are primarily used to allow trading of different assets on DEXes operated by AMM.

Yield Generation: By depositing your assets into a pool, you become a liquidity provider and earn yields in return. The yields are generated through various mechanisms, including trading fees, interest accrual, or rewards from other protocols.

Pool Overview

Featured and APR: Pools are sorted by default based on their featured status and Annual Percentage Rate (APR). The featured pools are those highlighted by the Overnight platform for their attractive yield opportunities

Filter: By default, the pools page includes pools from all supported chains. You can view pools from specific chains by adjusting the chain filter settings

Zappable: Check this box to view pools that support the Zap in feature, enabling you to easily stake from any of your tokens, facilitating seamless asset allocation within the pool.

APR over 15%: Check this box to display pools with an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) greater than 15%, indicating higher potential yields.

The pools page provides the date of the last update, ensuring you have access to the most recent information about the pools. If automatic integration with a specific platform is not configured, the APR column will show "See on Platform" to indicate that more information is available on the respective platform.

Interacting with Pools

Zap In Button: For pools that support the Zapping feature, you will find a "Zap in" button. Clicking this button allows for seamless asset swapping and entry into the selected pool.

Use this user guide to explore the pools available on the Overnight platform. By leveraging the filtering, sorting, and interaction options, you can make informed decisions and participate in liquidity pools to earn yields and maximize the potential of your assets

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