Overnight assets

With Overnight, managing stablecoin cash becomes remarkably simpler and hassle-free. Say goodbye to the intricacies of in-depth market research, active trading, and juggling multiple DeFi protocols. Manual minting and redeeming are also a thing of the past. Overnight offers an elegant solution — just like buying a token, no staking required. Enjoy the ease and convenience that Overnight brings to your financial journey!

Overnight tokens are rebase tokens, fully collateralized with assets that can be instantly converted into USDC. A rebase token can experience Profit (positive rebase) when the collateral value exceeds 100% and Loss (negative rebase) when the collateral value falls below 100%. Please note that you assume the risk of all protocols in the Collateral. Profit payouts occur through daily rebasing, providing transparent balance and P/L visibility.


  • Yield-generating stablecoins fully collateralized with yield-generating DeFi assets, with USD+ pegged to USDC, DAI+ pegged to DAI, ETH+ pegged to WETH,USDC+ pegged to USDC,and USDT+ pegged to USDT in a 1:1 ratio.

  • A DeFi equivalent of a Money Market fund, boasting a highly conservative and liquid portfolio with a daily yield of 1-5 bps and profits distributed daily.

  • As a fully decentralized protocol, it performs all activities on-chain, ensuring an unmatched level of transparency and disclosure.

There are many ways one could manage stablecoin cash, but with Overnight you can:

  • Avoid in-depth market research and active trading

  • Steer clear of monitoring and dealing with numerous DeFi protocols

  • Eliminate the need for manual minting and redeeming

With our tokens, all these hassles are reduced to a straightforward process of buying a token, without requiring staking. Enjoy a hassle-free experience with USD+!

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